Item #754 Parrish Art Museum Catalogue: Primitive Art of New Guinea, July 13th-30th 1963. Douglas NEWTON, introduction.

Parrish Art Museum Catalogue: Primitive Art of New Guinea, July 13th-30th 1963

Southampton, Long Island: Parrish Art Museum, 1963.

First Edition.

This exhibition featured Asmat, Abelam and Sepik River carved ritual objects, shields, skull racks, drums, ancestral figures, ancestral boards, bark paintings, canoe prows, basketry hair ornament, pectoral ornament, ceremonial stools, turtleshell mask with cassowary feathers for funeral ceremonies from Torres Straits, among many others.

'Among the most impressive geographical features of New Guinea is a great central chain of mountains dividing the island from east to west. North of this range, in the eastern part of the island, is the huge valley (also running east to west) of the Sepik River, with its many tributaries. A further range, the Torricelli Mountains, stands between the Sepik valley and the sea to the north. The reaches of the middle Sepik River are dominated by the great Iatmul tribe, with the related Tshuosh on the plains just to the north of them. The Abelam, with a somewhat different culture, live farther still to the north in the foothills of the Torricelli Range. South of the Central Highlands is a vast area of alluvial plain, much of it barely above sea level. This is traversed by a great series of rivers which divide into complicated deltas towards the coast. It includes the west area inhabited by the communities grouped under the name Asmat. In the central part of the southern coast is the vast bay some 200 miles across called the Papuan Gulf, the home of a large number of tribes with closely related cultures...'.

Item #754

Staple bound octavo pamphlet with four black and white plates and photographically illustrated covers; original illustrated wrappers, map on front endpaper, in fine condition.

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