The Yellow Book. An Illustrated Quarterly. YELLOW BOOK, Aubrey BEARDSLEY.
The Yellow Book. An Illustrated Quarterly

The Yellow Book. An Illustrated Quarterly

London and New York: 1894-1897.

First Edition.

First edition: an attractive set of the complete run of the most important and notorious British "magazine" of the 1890s. A journal of art and literature designed to sell high culture, it became a magnet for avant-garde writers and illustrators. Today it is considered a "herald of modernity". Certainly its most famous contributor, whose name is always linked with the Yellow Book, was Aubrey Beardsley, however other design contributors included Patten Wilson, D. Y. Cameron, Mabel Dearmer, J. Illingworth Kay, Nellie Syrett, Ethel Reed and Mabel Syrett. The publication was innovative in style, format, and content, especially in its separation of art and literature, exclusion of advertising (except for the publisher's catalogue), and support of new artists and writers, especially women. Henry Harland was literary editor for the entire run. Beardsley was art editor until just before the publication of Volume V, when he was fired by Lane under severe pressure from several of the firm's more prominent authors following the arrest of Oscar Wilde. "The color of The Yellow Book was an appropriate reflection of the 'Yellow Nineties," a decade in which Victorianism was giving way among the fashionable to Regency attitudes and French influences; for yellow was not only the decor of the notorious and dandified pre-Victorian Regency, but also of the allegedly wicked and decadent French novel." (Weintraub, 99).

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13 volumes bound in the original decorated yellow cloth, copiously illustrated; some slight darkening to the bindings but overall a fine, bright set.

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