Item #1753 "Ella came suddenly upon a beautiful fairy seated on a stone" Ethel JACKSON MORRIS.

"Ella came suddenly upon a beautiful fairy seated on a stone"

Original signed artwork by Ethel Jackson Morris as published in her first book, "All Among the Fairies" (1909).

Appearing on page 17 in the story 'Queen Ella', this is Ethel Jackson Morris' original drawing for the publication. Ella is a young orphan girl who lives with her quarrelsom aunt in a house by the sea. One night, Ella meets a beautiful maiden who invites her to become queen of the water babies on Sunset Lake. Ella embarks on her journey in a little boat with a silver sail, and finds herself in a beautiful land:

"Her footsteps fell noiselessly on a thick carpet of velvety green moss, dotted prettily here and there with snow-white flowers, and teh red gleam of ripening wild strawberries. Ella pushed through the tangled bushes and came suddenly upon a beautiful fairy seated on a stone, decorating a silver trumpet with some of the flowers that grew around her."

Inspired by the commercial success of Ida Rentoul Outhwaite, Ethel Jackson Morris became a key member the 'Elves and Fairies' school of illustration, along with Ethel Spowers, Christian Yandell, and Edith Alsop. "It was primarily this Melbourne fraternity woking in an English idiom that gave Australian fantasy illustration an acknowledged place in the international genre." [Holden, Robert. 'A Golden Age: Visions of Fantasy', p. 13.]

The author's first book, "All Among the Fairies", published at age seventeen, contains four stories, one poem and her illustrations in the manner of her contemporary Ida Rentoul Outhwaite. Jackson Morris contributed to Dame Neilie Melba's Gift Book of Australian Art and Literature in 1915, and published one other book in 1921, "The White Butterfly"

Item #1753

Original ink drawing, signed lower right hand corner, unframed, 162 mm x 150 mm, age toned, tiny chip to lower right hand corner not affecting image, in lovely original condition.

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