Item #1588 From Sea to Sea and Other Sketches | Letters of Travel | Volume I. Rudyard Kipling.

From Sea to Sea and Other Sketches | Letters of Travel | Volume I

London: Macmillan & Co., circa 1900.

Presumed First English Edition.

"Letters of Marque" and "From Sea to Sea" by Rudyard Kipling. There is something lovely about this copy, a beautiful old library book that looks exactly as it ought to.

"...We are now running down to Penang with the thermometer 87* in the cabins, and anything you please on deck. We have exhausted all our literature, drunk two hundred lemon squashes, played forty different games of cards (Patience, mostly), organised a lottery on the run(had it been a thousand rupees instead of ten I should not have won it), and slept seventeen hours out of twenty four. It is perfectly impossible to write, but you may be morally the better for the story of the Bad People of Iquique which, 'as you have not before heard, I will now proceed to relate.' It has just been told to me by a German orchid-hunter, fresh from nearly losing his head in the Lushai hills..."

Item #1588

Octavo, bound in half leather, 497 pages, missing title page and prelims, covered in library stamps (Town of Northcote Public Library), binding worn, for what it lacks and what it is. still a very good copy.

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