Tivoli Theatre Program. Harry RICKARDS.

Tivoli Theatre Program

Sydney: Maas and Maas Ltd, 1917.

Wartime theatre pamphlet interesting also for its plethora of vintage advertisements.

Program for the week commencing Saturday, September 15, 1917:
1. Tivoli Orchestra plays an overture "Sunny Cicily"
2. Performance by Miss Ruth Budd, the girl with the smile; 'She sings, she dances, and executes the most hazardous feats on the Flying Trapeze without the quiver of a beautiful eyelid.'
3. The Camille Trio - 'Eccentric and Clever they Risk a Sudden and Unpleasant Death about fifty times a minute. They give you Funny Feelings in your Spinal Cord one moment and have you Rocking with Laughter the next.'
4. Joe Reed: The Italian Street Musician
5. Reynolds and White: 'One is of the Sterner Sex - the other the Sweetest Little Thing who ever used Face Cream. Their Act is different from any you have seen, and as Refreshing as a Ray of Sunshine on a Wintry Day.'
6. Edna May Foster and Company in "The Actress and the Drummer"
7. Mlle. Lilyan and Martha Boggs: 'Sweet and Pretty Girls who gyrate worth-while Dances pleasingly and pleasantly.'
8. Creole Fashion Plate
9. Amy Murphy, New Zealand Songbird
10. Nelusco & Hurley, America's Refined Versatile Artists
11. Thurber and Thurber, Novelty Comedians
12. Paramount Gazette.

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