Hatman's Review. H H. MISCAMBLE.

Hatman's Review

Sydney: Canberra Advertising Ltd., 1937.

Volume 2. No.1
February 7th, 1937

'Hatman's Review: Incorporating Mercery Lines'
Offical Organ of the Hat Trade

Wonderful illustrated trade journal with lively advisements for local businesses and headlines on everything from the 'MARKET REPORT: RABBIT SKINS' to ' M. STALIN ORDERS DINNER JACKET: The Moscow correspondent of the "Daily Sketch" says that an almost revolutionary change in drawing room fashions in Moscow is indicated by an order for a dinner jacket for the Soviet dictator (M. Stalin). It would have been unwise even a few months ago for a Soviet diplomat to wear evening dress at domestic gatherings. M. Stalin invariably wore a black and grey uniform coat or a Russian shirt. Lately hints have been dropped that evening dress should be encouraged to express Moscow's prosperity.'.

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Quarto, 12 pages, pale green illustrated paper wrappers, staple-bound, a very good copy.

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