The Christmas Ladies' Home Journal 1909. Rose O'Neill, Edward W. BOK.

The Christmas Ladies' Home Journal 1909

Philadelphia: The Curtis Publishing Company, 1909.

O'Neill, Rose.

First edition.

First appearance of Rose O'Neill's famous Kewpie Doll in "The Kewpies' Christmas Frolic" - a full page spread of narrative verse introducing these fantastic characters, illustrated with a series of black and white cartoons. "The reason why these funny roly-poly creatures are called Kewpies (pronounced like Q and P together, Q-P's) is because they look like cupids, You can tell that by their tiny wings. "Kewpie" means a small Cupid, just as puppy means a small dog. As for their perky top knots, they got the idea for them from some turnips they found in the barn; "and after that, in calm or galkes, waved their litte turnip tails." They are the most shy, innocent, amusing little people you ever saw, always poking about and getting surprised at their own doings and discoveries. As you see, their leader wears a flag with a K on it on his top knot, and all through the coming year he will lead his band on through a series of the most comical adventures, which will be pictured in The Journal from month to month just as the first one is on this page." (Page 28).

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Folio, 92pp, full colour illustrated wrappers, staple-bound. A fine copy.

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