Germany: Circa 1840.

Thirty-two paintings of cakes and tortes presented together as a folding frieze which, when fully extended, measures almost three-and-a-half metres in length. Certain words in the hand-written descriptions are specific to Germany in the 1840s and suggest that the frieze was utilised as something akin to a baker’s catalogue shown to customers who could then order specific items for particular occasions, or as a striking shopfront display for the window. In addition to the traditional chocolate cakes and apple and linzer tortes are more curiously named creations including a ‘Brassilianer’.

Item #1349

A folding frieze of 32 gouache paintings each with individual hand-written text, each panel measuring 138 mm x 105 mm, the complete frieze is 3500 mm in length, fresh and strong colour, a few marks but in excellent condition, housed in a modern brown linen case with decorative ribbon ties, paper label to front board.

Price: $11,000.00

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