Bibby's Annual; 1920-21. Ida Rentoul OUTHWAITE, Joseph BIBBY.
Bibby's Annual; 1920-21
Bibby's Annual; 1920-21

Bibby's Annual; 1920-21

Liverpool: J. Bibby and Sons, 1920.

First Edition.

Theosophical periodical edited by the English Christian industrialist, Joseph Biddy (1851 -1940). Includes many illustrations by Sir Joshua Reynolds, a depiction of Admirable Sir David Beatty reading the terms of the Armistice to the German delegates in the fore-cabin of the H.M.S. Elizabeth at the close of World War I, and a fairy plate by Ida Rentoul Outhwaite titled 'The Rendezvous' (half-page in black & white).

"The Ancient Wisdom tells us that somewhere in the memory of Nature every act of each one of her children is self-engraved, and that from this self-written record under the guidance of Angelic Ministers, the changing destinies of men and nations flow. Thus it is claimed that our present attainments of talent and capacity, are what we have won in the past; that our present thoughts and activites will determine our future, and that in the sum of things nowhere is there any injustice, and nowhere caprice or favouritism."

With written content such as this, one is often left wondering whether to say a-hem or Amen.

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Staple bound folio in original colour illustrated wrappers, 64 pages, illustrated throughout, a very good copy.

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