Item #1076 The Secret Garden. Frances Hodgson BURNETT.
The Secret Garden
The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden

New York: Lippincott, 1949.

Nora S. Unwin.

With endearing illustrations by Nora S. Unwin throughout.

"Rose-trees," said Mary. "Are there rose-trees?"
Ben Weatherstaff took up his spade again and began to dig.
“There was ten year’ ago,” he mumbled.
“I should like to see them,” said Mary. “Where is the green door? There must be a door somewhere.”
Ben drove his spade deep and looked as uncompanionable as he had looked when she first saw him.
“There was ten year’ ago, but there isn’t now,” he said.
“No door!” cried Mary. “There must be.”
“None as any one can find, an’ none as is any one’s business. Don’t you be a meddlesome wench an’ poke your nose where it’s no cause to go. Here, I must go on with my work. Get you gone an’ play you. I’ve no more time.”
And he actually stopped digging, threw his spade over his shoulder and walked off, without even glancing at her or saying good-by.

Item #1076

Octavo, original cloth, pictorial dust-jacket lacks the lower third of the spine panel; traces of old ownership inscription on front endpaper otherwise a fine copy in original jacket.

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